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Amber Essential Oil

Amber Essential Oil


Amber Essential Oil

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Amber Essential Oil,

Amber oil is a type of essential oil, and it smells amazing, Amber oil is a special component obtained from natural amber. We Are manufacturing Amber oil, Amber Supper oil, and Amber White oil. Amber essential oil is extracted by melting amber without oxygen at a temperature of about 350 degrees Celsius. During the extraction, numerous compounds can be obtained in addition to an amber oil.  Amber oil is derived from extracts from various tree resins.

Properties of Amber Essential Oil,

Aromatherapy: Amber oil has a warm, earthy scent that can help create a calming and grounding atmosphere. Diffuse a few drops in a diffuser to promote relaxation and reduce stress.

Perfume: Amber oil can be used as a base note in perfume blends, adding depth and warmth to the fragrance.

Skincare: Amber oil has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can benefit the skin. It may help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and promote a more even skin tone. Add a few drops to a carrier oil, such as jojoba or sweet almond oil, and apply to the face or body.

Massage: Amber oil can be added to a carrier oil and used in massage to promote relaxation and ease muscle tension.

Meditation: The grounding and calming properties of amber oil can be useful during meditation practices. Diffuse or apply to the skin before meditation to help create a peaceful and focused state of mind.

Blends with: frankincense, cypress, clove, anise seed, lemon, orange, Bergamot etc.…

Certificate of Analysis and Specification Data:

Botanical Name: Pinus Succinenefera
CAS#: 8002-67-3
Country of Origin: India
Specific Gravity: 0.926 To 0.930
Optical Rotation: +22° 30' To +26°
Refractive Index: 1.465 To 1.480
Plant Part: Resin
Extraction Method: Steam Distillation
Flash Point: 200F
Solubility: Soluble in oils & alcohols. Insoluble in water
Color & Odor: Dark Brownish-Viscus Amber Liquid
Packaging Type: As per Requirement