R & D

We are thankful for our progress to all R & D staff. Our R & D staff during his work at received training at the world-class laboratory and training research and development center F.F.D.C. In India. while working at essential oils they developed more than 250 formulations on fragrance, flower, and essential oils. e have a very modern and technical testing machine and lab instruments like GC, GCMS, and oil. A number of them have very successfully accepted by the industry. We are also working on essential oil and aromatherapy oil and developed a number of products.

  • M.K. Exports India has its own distillation plant and testing lab.
  • Our R & D staff continuously research new products and give new information to our prime customers.
  • We provide 100% pure and natural raw material in essential oil and Indian attars.
  • M.K. Exports India’s products and certificates are certified by World Class Laboratory.
  • We sure about the purity of our product it’s our simple quality.